Iron Man - Hope

Iron Man - Hope


It's good to be back...


The awesome poster that Robert Downey Jr was hanging up in his workshop in Iron Man 2 has now been recreated as a painting by Welsh artist, Nigel Hughes.


This amazing painting is truly unique and cannot be found anywhere else on the Internet.


The painting measures 50.8cm x 76.2cm with a depth of 3.5cm, on premium quality stretched cotton duck canvas.


All the paintings found here in the Arty Icons shop are:


• 100% genuinely hand painted. No printers are used

• Stretched over a wooden block frame and are painted around the edges

• Ready to hang with no additional framing needed

• Signed and dated by the artist himself, Nigel Hughes




Painted using the best quality acrylics on to top quality stretched bottom duck canvas on a deep wooden box, these paintings are ready to hang up in any decor - modern or traditional. These paintings are also painted black all around each canvas to make it look block framed to visually enhance the painting.


Arty Icons paintings can be given as unique gifts to loved ones, or just for the love of brightening up a dull wall.  These paintings will look great in any decor, be it in the home or workplace.